Work Permit Canada

Are you an eligible foreign candidate looking for employment in Canada to secure your life?
Canada issues thousands of Work Permit Canada every year to attract talented minds worldwide.
The work permit is the legal document allowing foreign nations to stay and work in Canada for a specific period.

Foreign skilled workers interested in working or working in Canada must apply for Work Permit Canada. It is the legal document issued by authorities to allow them to stay and work in Canada for a specific period. Every year half a million permits are issued to the temporary skilled workers worldwide.

Working in Canada as a skilled worker with a valid Canada Work Permit Visa is the exceptional first step for workers seeking immigration to the country permanently with a Permanent Residency Visa. However, the visa process depends on whether the skilled workers must complete the Canadian government’s labor market test called LMIA.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Work Permit Canada?

Most international skilled workers need a Work Permit or Work Visa to be eligible to stay and work in Canada for the designated period. However, there are some exemptions, so you must check the Canada Work Permit Eligibility from India.

To apply for a Work Permit, skilled workers must have a job offer from a Canadian employer certified by Labor Market Impact Assessment. But, there are certain exemptions for the workers as they can also apply for Work Visa without needing an LMIA or Job Offer. In addition, it includes a recent graduate from Canadian DLI or a spouse already working with a Work or Study Permit in Canada. It is referred to as Post Graduate Work Permit Canada and Open Work Permit Canada, respectively.

Below are some eligibility criteria that candidates must meet to Apply for Work Permit Canada.

  • Demonstrate their intention to leave the country after the work permit expires
  • Need to prove they are financially sound to support their family in Canada and pay for flight tickets to return to their home country
  • Medically fit with no criminal records.
  • Intending to work with eligible employers only

What are the Types of Work Permits?

Two different types of Work Permits are issued to skilled workers in Canada. It includes employer-specific work permits and open work permits. The Open Work Permit allows skilled workers to work for any employer as it is not a job-specific visa; hence, employees don’t need to have a Labor Market Impact Assessment or a job offer letter from the employer.

With the open work permit, applicants can work for any company except for employers that don’t comply with labor requirements or engage in services like erotic massage, escort services, and exotic dancing. Employees already working in Canada can also apply for Spouse Open Work Permit Canada. But before applying for the Spouse Open Work Permit Canada from India, the applicants have to check the eligibility criteria set for the application.

The employer-specific work permit is the type of visa that allows employees to work with a specific employer. It allows working with a single specific employer, unlike open work permit that allows employees to work with any employer.

What is the Application Process for Work Permit Canada?

The application process and Canada Work Permit Processing Time India vary depending on the work permit you are applying for. International students studying in DLI institutions are automatically authorized to work as part-timers. In addition, as a part of study permits authorization, students are eligible for the Work Permit After 1 Year Study in Canada.

The closed work permit applications urge the applicants to have an official job offer from employers in Canada accompanied by LMIA. Therefore, there are two different ways to obtain the Canada Work Permit Visa from India: a closed work permit and open work permit.

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