Visa Extensions Canada

You want to stay a little longer in Canada, but your visa expires soon! How can you extend your stay in Canada? Well, it is possible if you are eligible for Canada Visa Extensions. Visa Extension is the process of prolonging the stay of the visitors, students, and workforce who are already in Canada with respective visa and whose visa is about to expire. But, you must check if you are eligible for the visa extension in Canada.

Canada attracts millions of visitors every year who want to explore the country’s distinctive sites and beautiful landscapes. But, all foreign nationals must have a visitor visa or Temporary Resident Visa before entering the country. All visas come with an expiry date; before the visa expires, the foreigners must leave the country and return to their home country. But what if you want to stay back and spend a couple more days in Canada? It is possible to extend your stay with Visa Extensions.

The visa extension is the process of extending the validity of the visa for a couple of months. It legally allows visa holders to stay extra for a couple of months after their visa expires. So, anyone with a valid visa who wants to stay for a couple of extra months can apply for a visa extension to stay back for more days after their original visa expires.

However, not all visas are allowed to have an extension, so you have to check eligibility before applying for an extension.

Who is Eligible for Visa Extensions?

Not all visitors or visa holders are eligible for a visa extension. Eligible applicants can apply for Visa Extensions from Canada before their original visa expires. To qualify for an extension, you must be:

  • A visitor to the country with a visitor or tourist visa
  • A student studying in Canada with Study Permit
  • A worker working in Canada with a Work permit

Applicants with a valid legal status in Canada are eligible to apply for study or Tourist Visa Extension Canada. Similarly, students with valid legal status in Canada can apply for a student visa extension.

The temporary resident status will nullify after you apply for a visa extension. But, you will be allowed to stay in Canada under Implied Status. It means the government will consider you a temporary resident until the extension is granted.

What are the Requirements for Visa Extensions?

The requirements for Visa Extensions Canada depend on your visa type.

  • Eligibility for Visa Extension for Visitors – One can stay in Canada for up to six months with a visitor visa. The visitor visa is not a multiple-entry visa, as it allows visitors to visit Canada for a single time. The validity of a visitor visa is six months, and the legal status expires. The visitor must leave the country until they apply for Tourist Visa Extension Canada, a month before the original visa expires. The visitor can stay in Canada during the application process, even if their original visa expires.
  • Eligibility for Visa Extension for Study Permit Holders – The Study Permit allows international students to stay and study in Canada until the termination of the program or course. Students who want to pursue another course after their existing course must apply for Visa Extensions. The extension must be applied at least a month before the permit expires. If the student fails to apply for Study Visa Extension Canada before one month of permit expiry, they get a window of three months to apply for a restoration permit.
  • Eligibility for Visa Extension for Work Permit – Workers in Canada must apply for Visa Extensions at least a month before their work permit expires.

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