Study Permit Canada

Do you want to enroll at the leading Canadian universities to pursue higher education?
The Study Permit Canada allows all eligible international students to enroll and pursue higher education at leading colleges, universities, and educational institutions in Canada. A study permit is issued to students after arriving in the country, and to get it, students have to secure Temporary Resident Visa issued by Canadian High Commission and facilitated by Visa Application Centers.

Being a leading international destination for education, Canada offers multiple opportunities to gain a world-class education in multicultural settings; studying at Canadian insinuations is a rewarding experience. The welcoming and lenient immigration policies encourage many international students to come and study at the leading universities and colleges in Canada. Many students also consider it the first step to becoming permanent residents.

With Study Permit Canada, international students get the opportunity to stay and study in Canada. Under this visa program, students can study at the designated learning institution in Canada. Before applying for Canada Visa Study Permit, you must know the eligibility criteria and application process to heighten the chance of acceptance. Elate Immigration works in coordination with international students to help increase the chance of studying in Canada with a study permit. The immigration specialists will help identify and Apply for Study Permit Canada, which can act as the platform for your international career.

What is Study Permit Canada?

According to IRCC, a Regular Study Permit Canada is the document issued to international students to allow them to study at the designated learning institution in Canada.

Please note that the Study Permit Canada from India is not a visa. It won’t allow international students to enter the country, and hence, students must apply for an ETA or visitor visa to enter the country. After approving the study permit, the authorities will issue a study permit approval letter along with an entry visa in the passport to allow the students to enter and travel across Canada.

So, it would help if you always worked with our immigration specialists to learn how to apply for Canada Visa Study Permit.

What are the Study Permit Canada Requirements?

Every international student must consider two sets of requirements before applying for Canada Study Permit India: The eligibility requirements and requirements when studying in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements

All students have to meet the following criteria to be eligible to Apply for Study Permit Canada.

  • Acceptance Letter – Students must produce an acceptance letter from a DLI to apply for a Study Permit in Canada.
  • Evidence for Financial Support – Students must support their Canada Study Permit Application with documents to prove their financial stability to cover the expenses like tuition fees, cost of living, and other expenses.
  • Supporting Documents – There are other supporting documents that candidates have to provide at the time of applying for the study permit. You must check the requirements and documents to accompany the Canada Study Permit Online Application.

Requirements When Studying in Canada

  • Enrolled in DLI always
  • Making progress to complete the courses
  • Meet the terms listed in the Study Permit Canada from IndiaLeave Canada when the study permit expires

Application Process for Study Permit Canada

The Canada Study Permit Application process comprises four stages.

  • Eligibility Check – Students must ensure they meet all the eligibility requirements to secure the Study Permit Canada successfully.
  • Preparing for Application – If you meet all the eligibility criteria, prepare your application. Ensure to gather all the required documents to accompany the application.
  • Submission of Study Permit Application – Students have two options to apply. They can submit Canada Study Permit Online Application which is an electronic process. The second option is a paper-based application that needs to be submitted manually.
  • Get the Approval Letter – The final stage is to get the approval letter from authorities and come to Canada to pursue higher studies.

How Can Elate Immigrate Help?

Pursuing higher education in Canadian universities can be stressful and confusing. There are many programs and eligibility requirements that applicants have to meet to secure the Study Permit Canada successfully. Thankfully, you have expert immigration specialists working with you to help you with the processes and provide the required assistance from the beginning till getting the acceptance letter.

Elate Immigration will help you easily identify the right visa program and secure a Study Permit Canada. If you plan to pursue your studies in Canada, approach our experts today for a free consultancy.