Super Visa Canada

Are you a foreign-born Canadian resident with a valid Permanent Residency?
Do you want to bring your grandparents or parents to live with you in Canada?
If your answer is affirmative, you must apply for Super Visa Canada.
The multiple-entry, long-term visa allows grandparents and parents of a Canadian citizens to come and stay with them in Canada.

Many foreign-born Canadians have their grandparents or parents still residing in their home country and always miss them. So, the Canadian government has introduced a program that allows PR visa holders to invite their grandparents and parents to come and stay with them in Canada. It is possible with a Super Visa Canada.

The federal government allows foreign-born Canadian citizens to invite their parents or grandparents living in their home country to visit and stay with them in Canada for six months or more.

The Canada Super Visa for Parents and grandparents is different from the regular visitor visa. The super visa allows the visitors to stay in Canada for up to two years in a single visit and return to their home country and return to stay for another two years. It has a long expiry date of ten years. If your parents or grandparents want to live for less than six months, you may apply for a regular visitor visa.

What is Super Visa Canada?

Super Visa Canada is a long-term, multiple-entry visa issued by the Canadian government for grandparents and parents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. It is considered a temporary resident visa or permit that allows grandparents and parents of a Canadian citizen to stay with them for up to two years in a single visit. The visa is issued for ten years.

It is treated as a regular multiple-entry visa. The Super Visa Canada Validity is ten years, but it allows staying in Canada for up to two years in a single visit.

Who Are Eligible for Super Visa Canada?

The Super Visa is only valid for grandparents and parents of Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and foreign-born Canadians. With Super Visa, grandparents and parents can visit Canada if they meet the eligibility criteria.

  • The applicants must provide a letter of financial support from their grandchild or child living in Canada who meets the income requirements to Apply for Super Visa While in Canada.
  • Applicants must provide Canadian medical insurance that meets the requirement and covers medical expenses for at least one year. Applicants also have to purchase Super Visa Travel Insurance Canada before applying for Super Visa.

These are some Canada Super Visa Eligibility criteria that all applicants must meet to secure the visa.

Super Visa Canada Application Process

The application process and time can be lengthy, and you must apply for Super Visa online from the official website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. The Super Visa Canada Processing Time India varies depending on different factors. Besides, applicants must provide several assurances and documents while applying for a super visa.

  • Applicants must provide an official invitation letter to their parents or grandparents. It includes birth certificates, citizenship certificates, proof of relationship, and financial support certificates.
  • A designated physician conducts a medical examination, and it includes lab tests.
  • Travel Insurance is necessary for the parents to grandparents travelling to Canada. You must find the Best Super Visa Insurance Canada and purchase it before travelling to Canada on Super Visa.

Visit the official website of IRCC and fill out the application form to apply for Super Visa Canada.

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