Spouse/Family Visas

Are you a permanent resident, work permit holder, or citizen in Canada who wants to bring your spouse or family to Canada as a dependant? To facilitate spouse and family to live in Canada together, the Federal Government in Canada issues Spouse/Family Visa to allow eligible PR and Skilled Workers above 18 years to sponsor dependant spouses, family, or other dependants to live together in Canada.

With the economy strengthened by settlers worldwide, Canada is a famous name amongst immigrants. The lenient immigration policies have made it possible for eligible applicants to live, study, work, and settle permanently in Canada with Spouse/Family Visa.

All those already working and settled in Canada as permanent residents can bring their spouse, family, and other dependants with PR Privileges to the nation under the spouse family visa. The process for a spouse family visa for Canada PR has a higher variance than other visa applications because Spouse Family Visa Canada has no strict rules or requirements to fulfill. For example, the dependants are not required to fulfill the language proficiency, work experience, and education requirements.

What is Spouse Family Visa Canada?

The Spouse Family Visa is the Spouse or Dependant Sponsorship Program designed to allow Canadian citizens or PR visa holders to sponsor their lawful partner, spouse, children, and other dependents to come and live together in Canada.

Upon successfully accepting the sponsorship, the dependants and spouse can come, live, settle and work permanently in Canada.

The Spouse Visas Canada is further categorized into different sections.

  • Outland Sponsorship – The visa program is applied if the sponsored dependant or spouse is living outside Canada.
  • Inland Sponsorship is the visa program applied when the sponsored dependant or spouse is living together in Canada but holds temporary PR status.

What are the Rules and Eligibility Criteria for Spouse Family Visa Canada?

Only Canadian citizens or PR visa holders are eligible to sponsor the Spouse Family Visa Canada. In addition, both the sponsor and the sponsored spouse or dependant must be an adult above the age of 18 years and provide evidence to authenticate their relationship, which are the important criteria to fulfill as set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

To sponsor the dependants and spouse, the applicant must:

  • Above the age of 18 years
  • A Canadian Citizen or candidate with a permanent resident visa
  • Have a clean police report with no serious offense in their name
  • Not have invited anyone to Canada as a sponsored spouse within five years

The Red Flags to Avoid!

Certain factors can heighten the chance of rejection while sponsoring the spouse. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

  • If you are below 18 years at the time of applying or married to someone else at the time of their marriage to sponsored applicant
  • If you fail to support the application with the financial evidence required to support the early sponsorship
  • If you live separately and are involved in any marital relationship with 3rd person
  • Visited Canada and was not evaluated by CIC
  • Involved in any existing sponsorship agreement which is still valid at the time of applying for a new sponsorship

What is the Processing Time for Spouse Family Visa Canada?

The processing time for Spouse Visas Canada varies from nation to nation. According to the new policies and amendments, the processing time of applications may range from 12 months to 24 months.

How Can Elate Immigration Help?

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  • Updates and follow-ups
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  • Detailed legal and consultancy support from qualified immigration officers

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