Canada Visitor Visa

Unless you are from a visa-exempt nation, you need to have as visitor visa to enter Canada, regardless of your purpose of visit.
The Canada Visitor Visa is a Temporary Resident Visa or TRV. It is an immigration document allowing foreign immigrants to
enter Canada as temporary workers and students or visit the country to meet friends and relatives.

Canada attracts millions of foreign visitors every year. Foreign visitors come to Canada to experience the opportunities that Canada has to offer. But, to enter the nation temporarily, one must have a valid Canada Visitor Visa unless they are from a visa-exempted country.

Canada Visitor or Tourist Visa is the necessary documentation to enter the country temporarily. There are two types of Canada Visitor Visa from India: single entry and multi-entry. The single entry visa is issued for six months, while the multi-entry use visa is valid for up to ten years.

Types of Canada Visitor Visa for Indians!

Before you apply for Visitor Visa Canada, you must know the types of visitor visas available for Indians. There are two types of visitor visas available for Indians.

  • Tourist Visa – With this Canada Visitor Visa, one can visit the country as a tourist, and it won’t allow you to work or study with this visa.
  • Business Visa – It is the type of visitor visa that allows Indians to visit Canada to conduct business. However, they can only attend meetings, conferences, and other businesses. You need to apply for Canada Visitor Visa to Work Permit if you want to work in Canada.

What are the Canada Visitor Visa Requirements?

Before applying for a visitor visa, you must know the Visitor Visa Requirements for Canada from India. In addition, the visa application must accompany a couple of documents.

Below is the list of documents that you have to submit to complete the Canada Visitor Visa Process.

  • Valid passport with at least two blank pages and 6 months of validity
  • Two recent passport-size photos
  • Proof of your financial background
  • Income tax return copy of last two years
  • Bank statement of passbook of six months
  • Letter from employer or pay slips
  • Proof of income
  • Medical reports of your wellbeing

Some of the other documents required to apply for Visitor Visa Canada for Parents are:

  • Letter from applicant mentioning their relationship with the sponsor
  • Copy of travel itinerary and flight tickets and booking accommodation details
  • Family information travelling together
  • Letter of invitation from a business partner in Canada for a business visitor visa

How to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa?

There are two ways to Apply Visitor Visa for Canada from India. First, applicants may apply online and offline, depending upon their convenience.

Applicants need to visit the official website of the Canadian government and apply online. Then, follow the instructions and fill out the online form to apply for Canada Visitor Visa Online. Relevant documents must accompany the online form.

For offline mode, applicants must visit the official website, choose a paper mode, and download the form. Then, fill out the form, provide the documents, and submit the application to the Visa Application Center.

The Online Application for Visitor Visa to Canada from India is the fastest means and gets faster approvals. So, apply online and ensure to check the Canada Visitor Visa Documents for Indian before submitting your application.

The application process for Canada Visitor Visa for Spouse from India is different. Hence, you need to provide a couple of extra documents to get the visa for your spouse. If you want to stay beyond six months, ensure to Extend Canada Visitor Visa. If you Extend Visitor Visa Canada, it will allow you to stay back in Canada for another 30 days.

How does Elate Immigration Help?

Apply for Canada Visitor Visa Online from India and apply without professionals’ help. As a result, they get rejected, and the authorities reject their visa application.

So, Elate Immigration can help them with the documentation process and handle the paperwork to heighten the chance for visa approval. Whether you want to extend your visitor visa or Apply for Visitor Visa Canada from India, Elate Immigration can be the right partner for your visa application process. Reach us today for professional help and assistance in your Canada Visitor Visa application process.