ETA Visa Canada

Do you know an ETA visa is necessary to enter Canada? Visitors from Visa-Exempted nations with work permit or study permit automatically get an ETA visa with their permit. But, others must apply for ETA Visa Canada before entering the country via air. ETA is not required when entering the country via sea or land.

ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization Visa is the document issued by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada to visitors from visa-exempted nations who want to enter or are in transit via Canada. So, any visitor who wants to visit Canada via air must have all necessary documentation, including ETA Visa Canada.

It is an electronic document that acts as a security measure and allows the authorities to check the visitor’s info at the airport before authorizing them to enter the country. The ETA Canada Visa can be applied for online, and once it is approved, the visa is attached to your passport electronically and is valid for five years.

Visors must apply for ETA Visa Canada if:

  • They are not an American or Canadian citizen
  • They are from the nations that don’t require a visitor’s visa to Canada

The ETA is not for American citizens, but they need to provide proper identification at the entry point of Canada. Therefore, if you are entering Canada via sea or land from America, carry your Permanent Resident Card as proof of entry into Canada without an ETA visa.

What are the ETA Visa Canada Requirements as a Visitor?

Since India is a non-visa-exempted nation, all Indians must apply for the ETA Visa Canada before entering the country. Some of the basic requirements for a Canada ETA Visa for Indian are:

  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages and longer validity
  • Medical certificate to prove a good health
  • Documents to prove no criminal records and immigration-related convictions
  • Certificates to prove that they have obligations to return to India, like job letter, family and financial assets
  • Ensuring immigration officers that they will leave the country before visa expiry
  • Financial evidence to prove that they can bear the expenses during their stay in Canada

A medication examination and a letter of invitation from someone living in Canada are also important and must be accompanied by the ETA Canada Visa application.

How Apply and What is the Processing Time?

If you are planning to visit Canada and have a work or study permit, apply for ETA Visa Canada on time. You can apply for the ETA visa online directly from the official website of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada.

  • Go to the website of IRCC
  • Click on the menu and choose the ETA option
  • There will be a questionnaire. Answer all the questions correctly
  • Complete the application and pay the fees online

Most of the ETA applications are approved within a few minutes. However, the maximum Canada ETA Visa Processing Time is 48-72 hours. Once the application is approved, you will receive a notification on your registered email.

Applicants may also Check ETA Canada Visa Status online using the credentials received when applying for the ETA visa.

What to Do After Receiving the ETA Visa?

The approved ETA visa will be linked to the passport shared at the time of applying for the visa. Visitors have to represent their passports at the airport before boarding the flight. With the ETA Visa Canada, one can visit the country for up to six months or until the date prescribed by the officers at the airport. You may extend the period by applying for an ETA extension visa.

ETA is valid for up to five years or until the expiry of the passport.

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