Canada Tourist & Visitor Visa

Do you want to experience Canada’s natural beauty as a tourist?
Canada’s lenient immigration policies lure thousands of travelers and immigrants from different nations to the nation.
But, to explore Canada, you would require Canada Tourist Visa that grants the immigrants and travelers to visit the country for a short duration.

Millions of visitors come to Canada every year to experience the opportunities Canada offers, including visiting friends and family and experiencing the nation’s natural beauty. Elate Immigration can help visitors with a quick Canada Tourist Visa service. A tourist visa is a visitor visa granted to people who intend to stay for a short duration in the country. The visa can’t be more than six months, allowing both single-entry and multiple-entry within the visa validity.

However, visitors on tourist visas can’t work in the country. Nevertheless, they can travel freely across the nation for leisure and tourism purposes. Before applying for Canada Tourist Visa from India, you must understand the processing time and documentation to complete the application successfully.

About Canada Tourist Visa!

The Canada Tourist Visa is a simple and easy visa application that grants tourists and visitors the ability to visit Canada for tourism and leisure. The visa is granted for a limited time of six months, and it can be used for single entry or multiple entries within the validity of the visa.

However, foreign tourists and visitors from India can enter the nation once with a single-entry tourist visa. The multiple-entry tourist visa allows the tourists to enter the country multiple times until the visa expires.

The multiple-entry Canada Visitor Visa allows tourists to visit the nation multiple times for six months or until the visa is valid. Some of the key points to note before applying for a Canada Visitor Visa from India are:

  • The tourist and visitor visa can be used only for leisure and tourism
  • The visa can’t be used to work or apply for employment in Canada
  • Allows you to take your dependents with you for tourism
  • After you apply for Visitor Visa Canada, the visit visa will be issued within 27 days

Eligibility Criteria for Tourists Visitor Visa!

Before you Apply Canada Tourist Visa Online, you must know the eligibility criteria to enhance the chance of acceptance.

  • Applicants have to prove that they have sufficient funds to bear the family’s expenses when staying in Canada.
  • Before you Apply Canada Visitor Visa Online, applicants must be employed and ensure that they do not intend to apply or search for any job in Canada.
  • Applicants must not have any criminal records.
  • Provide a letter of invitation from sponsors staying in Canada
  • Meet the entrance criteria

These are the Canada Tourist Visa Requirements from India, and you must fulfill them to secure the visa successfully.

Documentation for Canada Tourist Visa

The documentation process is crucial to the Tourist Visa Procedure for Canada. The Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time varies depending upon multiple factors. However, it takes 30-45 days to complete the visa application process, and the visit visa is issued 27 days after the tourist visa.

Some of the documents required to support the Canada Tourist Visa Application are:

  • Valid passport with an expiry date of more than six months
  • Documents to prove your tie with your home country
  • Financial statement to prove your financial stability
  • Letter of invitation from relatives staying in Canada
  • Medical clearance certificate

These are the documents required to Apply Canada Visitor Visa Online.

How Can Elate Immigration Help?

With rich experience in the immigration service, Elate Immigration can help applicants make a robust case for the Canada Tourist Visa Form. Our team of experts will help applicants learn the Canada Tourist Visa Step by Step Process and let them know the Canada Tourist Visa Fees in Indian Rupees 2020.

  • Help you identify the best strategy to get the Canada Visitor Visa for Parents and assist you to Apply Canada Visitor Visa Online.
  • Assistance in presenting the cause to increase the chance of acceptance and assist you in finding the Canada Tourist Visa Fee from India
  • Filling forms and Canada Visitor Visa Check Online
  • Reviewing all documentation

Ensure your application has the highest chance of acceptance by working with the visa experts at Elate Immigration.