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Who We Are-The Best Immigration and Visa Counseling Services

February 11th, 2022 | Blog

We are one of the leading immigration consultants that aim to help individuals around the world realize their dream of business, work, study, or settlement in developed countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, etc. We help apply for permanent residency, including skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and family sponsors.

We provide hassle-free guidance to ambitious clients to reach their goals in life without facing hurdles. Our consultants leverage their extensive experience in the immigration process to provide clients with a clear image of the entire immigration process and guide them to remove the hassle-free highway-related complications. We will deliver the desired result in the shortest time and at an affordable price.

We offer a wealth of immigration services to make your dreams come true. Our immigration advisory services have expanded to include key opportunity areas such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, etc.

Our services for all your immigration and visa needs

Immigrant visa
When applying for the various visas available, there are several processes to go through, and long documentation is required. Each of these steps requires the help of an expert to ensure that an individual's application is not rejected. Each country's laws, rules, and regulations are unique,and our consultants need to keep up with changes that occur in the same country.

Family immigrant visa
If you have a family, spouse, or children in your country of origin, you can use a family immigrant visa to get to where you live. The country of destination has certain laws and standards that you must comply with. Something like the length of a relative's trip is one of the many criteria that should be carefully monitored, regardless of whether they can work in the country. It is very important to be aware of these laws to avoid visa denial or cancellation when relatives are already there. This makes it even more important for applicants to seek professional assistance when applying for a family immigrant visa.

Student visa
Students visa requires a large amount of paperwork, and there are many procedures to follow. This can be a long and stressful process for students who are already under a lot of pressure. Our immigration consultants work and make this process smooth and hassle-free for all clients.

Work visa
Every country wants to attract talented individuals to and work there. Countries such as Australia, Canada, the united kingdom, and the united states are no exception, but there are certain rules regarding work permits. These rules help encourage specific industries such as information technology, nuclear engineering, medical care, and science. However, the process of applying for these visas can be difficult, given that an individual may be busy working to sponsor him. In these situations, our qualified professionals must assist the process. This avoids urgent last-minute requests, denials, and many other nonsensical issues.

Tourist visa
Tourist visas have strict deadlines, and applicants may also need to indicate exactly how much time they want to spend in the country. Plan your trip according to the time you expect to spend in the country. Refurbishment is difficult and should only be contacted under the close supervision of our immigration consultants experts.

Resident return visa (RRV)
A resident return visa or RRV is required for a resident of one country to return to his or her country of origin after visiting another country. It is important to have this visa with your passport if you want to allow your return. This process requires you to fill out the form in detail and also to fill out a comprehensive application form. Our immigration consultants make it easy for you to return to your country.

Study Permit for Immigration Site

July 8th, 2021 | Blog

Elate immigration is an international provider of research and education visas and training consultancy. We are a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for all global research needs. We work with reputable institutions in Canada. Our primary activity is to help students make the right choices in pursuing education in global institutions.

We are proud to present ourselves as the best student visa advisor. We are one of the most
prestigious foreign education advisors on all types of overseas student visas. We are the best for
students studying abroad in some high-level countries and becoming successful doctors, engineers, banking and finance professionals, accountants, banking and finance, teachers, etc. Our overseas education consultants guide students to make the right decisions about their careers.

We help you easily study all the techniques and visa procedures for your application abroad. We have direct relationships and partnerships with the best universities in various countries abroad. Our years of history also make us one of the most trusted and in-demand study visa advisors. Elate immigration offers free career counselling to help students choose the right course or university based on their interests and educational background. We guarantee dedication and correct direction for all applications. So everyone can fulfill their dream of studying abroad. So if you are planning to study abroad, please contact Elate immigration for proper advice.

What do we offer?

Career path and planning of higher education with your profile and your career market scenarios in mind, we help you make the best career choices.

Select course and country
According to your profile, we provide detailed personal guidance to help you choose the right
the course at an overseas university.

Help prepare a flawless application.
It provides complete information about the various international scholarships offered by different

Support for education loans
We work with many financial institutions to help students provide higher education loans at
competitive interest rates.

Scholarship support
We provide complete information about the various international scholarships offered by
different universities.

Accommodation arrangements
Our consultants will guide you through different types of housing to suit your needs and budget.
Visa advise.

Our Student visa application process
Getting a student visa is very challenging as many documents are involved in the process. In
addition, each country has different requirements, so it is essential that you understand the visa
requirements in the country you want to study in. A deep understanding of the student visa
application process will help you plan and complete the process accurately. Here we can help
you; we are a leading consultant for studies abroad.

Immigration issues are handled through a series of simple steps to speed up the completion of an
education visa application and increase your chances of success.

Free initial consultation
Our overseas consultants provide a checklist of required additional documents.
Fill out and submit an application- Our consultants support you in filling up the
application for an education visa accurately and submitting the application to the relevant
authority on your behalf.
Reserve documents for submission to the Visa Center
Visa support for education abroad
You can apply for a student visa once you have received a letter of acceptance from your
desired university and arranged funding to study abroad.
Our team of overseas education counsellors will guide and support you through the entire
process, from filling out visa application forms to preparing and submitting documents on time.

How can Elate immigration help you apply for a visa?

Our team of experts will guide you to the official website and authorized immigration
representatives to ensure you have the latest application and guidelines. To reduce your hassle,
we can also help you with document approval, translation, and delivery. Our overseas education
consultant will help you with:

  • Professionalism – Simple Rationalization
  • Free professional advice
  • Determine the course, country, and university


How do I apply for a student visa?
When applying for a student visa, you have to consider different steps and requirements.
However, these steps, processes, and requirements may vary depending on the country in which
you plan to study. Most students need the following evidence:

Admission to an accredited educational institution.

Proof of travel expenses (and your family), course fees, and living expenses during your
stay.Passport size photo and a passport valid for at least six months beyond your period of
stay. In some countries, proof of English proficiency may be required, or a medical or police
the examination may be required.

Do I have to apply for a visa? That’s all you need to know
The immigration office approves a student visa with your passport. This indicates that you are
allowed to enroll and study for a certain period of time.

When should I apply for a student visa?
Once you have received the confirmation of admission to the university or institution of your
choice, you can start applying for a student visa. Visa processing times vary from country to
country, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible, regardless of when the program

Suppose you are planning to get financial aid (in the form of scholarships and education loans).
In that case, you need to apply for a visa in advance because the process of using financial aid,
scholarships, or education loans can be time-consuming. Contact us to get started.

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July 8th, 2021 | Blog

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July 7th, 2021 | Blog

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